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My name is
David Garcia.

Welcome to my web design portfolio

My goal is to understand yours. That will be our starting point to design a website that will help you achieve them, by communicating your value to your customers in an effective way that they can relate to.

picture of testimonial by Brenda Fonllem from Crosby DCN

Collaborating with David is an enriching experience. His ability to work towards achieving goals is remarkable. His restless and proactive personality leads to finding new methods and solutions to fulfill the required tasks, while also creating an atmosphere of trust and responsibility for his projects.

Brenda Fonllem

Production Director | Crosby DCN

picture of testimonial by Alex Mendivil from DVL Film House

Working with David has been a really good experience. He focuses on the true priorities of the project and, besides solving our needs, brings forward propositions for the challenges of the project.

Alex Mendivil

Director | DVL Film House

picture of testimonial by Javier Gutierrez from Argentum

Working with David in the design and creation of our website in Argentum was a very satisfying experience, with lots of learning.

From the conceptualization of our services to finding the best way to convey our message and business niche, David did a great job to make sure our site met our goals and improving our reach towards our clients. Widely recommended!

Javier Gutierrez

Co-Founder | Argentum

I believe in effective communication in every project.

When we're creating your website, we will keep track of every single task so you're always in the know of what's being worked on and when you can expect your deliverables.

notion dashboard
analytics dashboard

Let's take it further.
Not just one-and-done.

Once the website is launched, we will keep a dashboard where we can access all the important data and analytics so we're able to make better decisions on improving your website down the road.

Web Design Process



This is where we map out where we are standing and where we're heading. We will set our goals and identify the customers that will help us get there, so we can communicate what's truly valuable for them.

Web Design Process


Content & Messaging

Your website is a selling tool. The only way we are able to sell is through communication, so crafting a powerful message for your website is crucial for its success. We will create the text for all your pages first, then we will design around it so we make it more powerful.

Web Design Process



This stage is when we take all that planning and strategy and make magic with it. Here we determine the best way to reinforce through design, the message in our pages. From imagery to colors and shapes, our goal here is to make your customers go wooow!

Web Design Process



Once we get the design approved, it's time to roll up the sleeves and start coding. We will optimize all your media for web so you pages load fast and create all the templates needed for your website to look just like we designed it. We'll add some extra magic with a couple scripts and you'll be ready to amaze your customers with a website that truly represents your brand.

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