Phoenix Creative Solutions.

Increasing conversion opportunities by restructuring website's communication strategy


Phoenix Creative Solutions is a digital marketing agency based in Bellevue Washington, dedicated to uplifting under-served communities and their businesses by creating compelling brands and online strategies to help them reach their goals. They were looking to redesign their website so that it truly positioned them as established players in the field.


Our paths crossed during a period of frustration for the firm, since they felt like their current website was sub-par, falling short from their expectations and failing to serve its purpose.

The website design wasn’t effectively communicating Phoenix’s value to their clients, using stock images that provided no context for the user, animations that felt generic and pages that weren’t fully responsive; overall the whole user journey wasn’t making much sense.

Kay, Phoenix’s creative director, was determined to completely re-do their website and turn it into a knowledgebase for their audience and an effective lead generation tool for the firm. And that’s what we set out to do.


Our journey began with a deep dive into the specific underserved communities the agency aimed to serve. Crafting detailed user personas allowed us to tailor our approach and messaging accordingly. We strategically crafted a compelling narrative that spoke directly to their audience, weaving engaging titles with complementary body text.

To bring this vision to life, we first created wireframes to test different layouts, ensuring optimal user experience, then we turned the approved wireframes into the actual designs of the pages.

Regarding technical enhancements, we discarded generic page-building tools in favor of developing a custom theme for Phoenix, allowing us to wield precise control over the code and functionalities.

Image optimization became a priority, with heavy images compressed and converted to .WebP for enhanced web performance. An engaging background video and sleek animations were employed to captivate visitors right from the start. Strategic placement of calls to action throughout the site increased conversion opportunities.

To empower the firm’s website management post-delivery, we introduced custom post types for: Team Members, Services, Packages, and Case Studies. This streamlined content management and creation, allowing easy updates without delving into code or theme files. The addition of a responsive blog section further enriched the user experience across all devices.

Mockup of the project done for Phoenix Creative Solutions
Mockup of the project done for Phoenix Creative Solutions
Mockup of the project done for Phoenix Creative Solutions
Mockup of the project done for Phoenix Creative Solutions


The impact of our collaboration has been a transformative success for Phoenix. Since the launch of the redesigned website, they’ve effortlessly published content, amplifying their visibility within relevant communities.

The site now serves as a welcoming gateway, seamlessly guiding visitors through services and packages, introducing the team, and showcasing their work. With a simplified process for clients to request project quotes, we expect to see increased engagement and conversion rates.

Phoenix’s new website stands as a testament to the power of strategic design thinking and SEO optimization. The website now radiates style and warmth, effectively communicating the agency’s mission and establishing them as a credible force within their niche. As the firm continues to uplift underrepresented communities, our partnership has equipped them with a digital presence that resonates and engages, fostering connections that truly matter.

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