MIRD Imagenología.

Allowing X-Ray and Ultrasound patients to effortlessly set appointments by understanding their habits and preferences


The team at MIRD Imagenología, a clinic offering affordable X-Ray and Ultrasound studies, was convinced that establishing an online presence was the best way to make their services easily accessible to potential patients.

They imagined a website that could inspire trust, convey their vast experience and expertise and make it easy for patients to schedule appointments.


The main audience that our website would target were patients who could not afford expensive X-Ray or Ultrasound studies, the clinic would offer more budget-friendly services for them; this audience is generally not tech savvy, although they do carry their cell phones with them all the time and they do search queries in them, so our two main objectives were:

  1. Making sure the website was responsive, adapting to different screen sizes.
  2. Ease of navigation had to be prioritized, allowing users to easily get their questions answered and their appointment set quick.


To create a solution for this kind of objectives with this kind of challenge, we began by researching this target audience and creating a user persona that represented the exact type of person the team envisioned when they picture them walking through the door.

Our persona was a working-class individual who was concerned about their wellbeing, and that of their closed ones, such as their parents or children; since we knew we had to ensure a user-friendly mobile browsing experience, we opted to build a custom WordPress theme for MIRD, which allowed us to have full control over the code and fine tweek even the tiniest aspect of the layout across devices.

To make the navigation easy for them, we listed out everything we wanted our website to communicate, then we prioritized the secquence of our messaging in such a way that we would answer our users’ most critical questions first and foremost; then we would introduce the clinic and its services, divided by area (X-Ray or Ultrasound), then within the areas we would have the services sorted by categories or body parts (Abdominal, Hips, Liver, etc.). This way, users can take their doctor’s order and without effort find the study they were sent to.

The users we created this website for are very accustomed to doing everything via WhatsApp, and have adopted it as their preferred means of setting appointments, placing orders and all kinds of communication, so we decided we would allow our users to set their appointment via a WhatsApp button that would send a predetermined message with the name of the study put down correctly for them to just hit send.

Mockup of the project done for MIRD Imagenología
Mockup of the project done for MIRD Imagenología
Mockup of the project done for MIRD Imagenología
Mockup of the project done for MIRD Imagenología


The website was able to position MIRD as an established organization in the Healthcare field, making them seem trustworthy in front of potential patients and partners. The design system was very minimalistic, so there were no distractions for the users in their way to their solution.

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