DVL Film House.

Rethinking the website's communication strategy to convert it into a lead generation tool.


DVL Film House is a video production company based in Hermosillo, Sonora and Phoenix, Arizona. For over a decade they have been producing high-quality films for different niche clients, such as commercial brands, enterprises, events, motorsports, music artists and even their own original productions.


Alex, DVL’s director was interested in acquiring new clients via their website, which up to that point had been used solely as a tool for showcasing their work.

The website lacked calls to action or a clear navigation route to guide visitors to reach out for a quote or proposal. Also, the language that was used sounded more meant for other video production-savvy professionals, rather than the average businessman with no tech know-how regarding video production. So we had to rethink our communication strategy and make sure we lead our visitors to find their answers, get them interested and have them reach out for a quote.


We started by changing how we were talking to visitors. We left the technical jargon aside and focused our messaging on the results they’ve achieved for their clients. This helped us make the whole narrative much more appealing for business owners looking to hire them. This meant re-writing all the projects and case studies they had on their website: titles, header videos, case study structure, everything had to be optimized in the name of better storytelling.

Keeping in mind the word “Film” in the company’s name, we decided to create libraries for the different categories of their work (Brands, Events, Motorsports, Originals) and the DVL team designed movie posters for them so users could browse through the libraries like they would in a film collection. Each poster would flip vertically when the user hovers over ir (or taps on it in mobile devices), showing a summary of what the project was about and a link to read more.

We positioned calls to action in points of peak interest like in case studies and after sections showing the value proposition. This would increase our chances of conversion, making it very easy for users to find what they came for.

Mockup of the project done for DVL Film House
Mockup of the project done for DVL Film House
Mockup of the project done for DVL Film House
Mockup of the project done for DVL Film House


DVL Film House’s new website has been able to successfully communicate to business owners the tangible results the company is capable of achieving for them. Which has turned the website, as we envisioned since the beginning, into a lead generation tool for Alex and his company.

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