Making complex services and benefits easy to understand by implementing UX Design principles


Argentum is a consulting firm specialized in Big Data and Machine Learning. They work both with private corporations and public sector organizations such as governments, providing expertise and insights in data analysis and visualization.

They were in need for a professional, modern website that could help them stand out in a growing industry and convey their value proposition to potential clients who may not be very knowledgeable about these new technologies.


Argentum’s line of service was relatively new to the local market and not widely (or sufficiently) understood by many business owners, which makes the whole selling process a complexity of its own. The website had to be able to ease that process by communicating their expertise in a way that was clear, concise (very few words) and understandable to the average business owner.

Additionally, the website had to look clean, professional and modern, reflecting the company’s position as an established player in the game.


To achieve everything we had on our plate, we started by conducting a thorough analysis of Argentum’s value proposition, their sales process and the market they operate in; this would be the guiding light in our web design decision making. We also identified specific benefits that their services could provide to their target audience, as well as key steps that they take in order to deliver value to their clients.

With all this info, we designed a website that looked clean, modern and professional. By implementing wireframes we gradually built a layout that we felt like it was easy to navigate, with clear headings and bullet points to help highlight key benefits of Argentum’s services.

Also, to make their services more understandable, we broke them down to specific steps that made sense and were easy to follow by potential clients.

To make it visually appealing, we used a modern color scheme and incorporated images that highlighted the power of big data analysis and machine learning. We also made sure to follow best practices in SEO, so potential clients could find them in search engines.

Mockup of the project done for Argentum
Mockup of the project done for Argentum
Mockup of the project done for Argentum
Mockup of the project done for Argentum


The new website for Argentum was able to convey their value proposition in an effective way and make them look professional and modern, reflecting their position as an authority in the industry.

At the end, following this approach in the design of a website for a consulting firm proved very effective in communicating their value to a target audience that very much needs it and doesn’t know it, making it very clear and easy to understand. Using calls to action strategically positioned we were able to increase conversion opportunities from excited users.

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