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My name is
David Garcia.

I'm a website designer and strategist

My goal is to understand yours. That will let us design a website that will help you achieve them, by communicating your value to your customers in an effective way that they can relate to.

What they say.

I believe in effective communication in every project

When we're creating your website, we will keep track of every single task so you're always in the know of what's being worked on and when you can expect your deliverables.

notion dashboard
strategy dashboard

Let's take it further.
Not just one-and-done.

Once the website is launched, we will keep a dashboard where we can access all the important data and analytics so we're able to make better decisions on improving your website down the road.

Case Studies.

My Work Process

"Low variance in process equals low variance in outcome"

Blair Enns

What would you like your website to do for you?

Imagine you're hiring a super-employee in the form of a website: What would you have them do?

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    You won't be required to pay the full price of the project upfront. We can kick off the project by covering a 40% down payment; then, when we conclude the Design phase of our project, you can cover the next 30%; at the end, once the website is launched and live, that's when the final 30% will be due. You can learn more about my work process by clicking on this link.

    Usually a web design and development project will take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks from planning to deployment, depending on its complexity and scope of work.

    Every website is created 100% personalized, based on your particular needs and business model. That makes the pricing for your website project also very personalized, based on project scope, requirements and technical complexities. You can share details about your project with me and I'll get back to you in 24 hours with a quote for your website project at no commitment for you. Just click on this link.